Indifference And Lethargic Attitude Of Union Labour Ministry On The Concerns Of Migrant Workers Intolerable: Supreme Court

Today the Supreme Court show strong annoyance at the ‘intolerable indifference’ as it failed to establish the National Database for Unorganised Workers (NDUW). It is revealed by the Union Labour Ministry with respect to comfort of settler labourers during the pandemic.

It is observed by Justice Ashok Bhushan and MR Shah that for settler labourers registration is essential to ensure the schemes for their benefit, rolled out by the Centre/ States/ Union Territories.

Despite several directions for making available a module to the States/Union Territories for the purpose of registration. No real steps have been taken by the Ministry.

“The Ministry is not alive to the concern of the migrant workers and the non-action of the Ministry is strongly disapproved.” Because of the viewpoint of the ministry of Labour and employment in not completing module

The Central Government, States and Union Territories complete the portal for registration under the National Database for Unorganised Workers project as the court has authority over them. It can commence before 31 June 2021.

Court said that after registration is complete, the correction and updating of the data can be done.

The Centre had submitted that major technical and other operational issues had been resolved and development of the portal had commenced, the outbreak of Covid-19 severely impacted the development of the portal.

The Labour Ministry even so claimed that the National Informatics Centre has been tasked to prepare the NDUW Portal at the earliest, preferably in the next 3 to 4 months to the State/UT Governments.

No exception can be taken to the Central Government deciding to create NDUW portal.

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