Plea in SC to deport Rohingya Bangladeshi inflators

A petition has been filed before the Supreme Court seeking directions to Centre and State of West Bengal to detect, detain and deport illegal Rohingya and Bangladeshi infiltrators from West Bengal within one year.

Directions have also been sought to identify and invoke the National Security Act against government employees, police personnel and security forces who allegedly have links with the “infiltration Mafias and help Rohingyas-Bangladeshis to infiltrate in West Bengal”, and to confiscate their disproportionate assets.

Filed by Advocate Ashwani Kumar Dubey on behalf of Sangita Chakraborty, a human and civil rights activist, the plea further prays for a declaration that the sentence for the making of forged government documents such as PAN, AADHAAR, passport, ration card etc., shall run consecutively and not concurrently. Additionally, it seeks for the Centre to add a chapter to the Indian Penal Code to make illegal infiltration a cognizable, non-bailable and non-compoundable offence.

The petition submits that the cause of action accrued as election results were declared on 2 nd May, 2021, and “Rohingya-Bangladeshi infiltrators started beating, killing, heckling, looting, kidnapping, raping, burning the Houses of Hindus who voted for BJP”. Many individuals, the plea submits, were rendered homeless and had their homes vandalized.

In wake of the violence and the vandalism, the plea states that the expeditious identification of infiltrators is more pressing now than ever.

The plea goes on to contend that some political parties have been encouraging the infiltration with a view to build vote banks, and corrupt officials are bribed help.

Stating that the rights of the citizens of India would be seriously violated, the plea also underlines how providing facilities/privileges to illegal immigrants out of existing national resources would not only lead to a threat to national security, but also have an adverse impact on Indian citizens by depriving them of their legitimate share in the employment sector, subsidized housing, medical and educational facilities, which would in turn culminate in hostility toward immigrants.

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