Law students write to CJI Ramana in the backdrop of increasing suicides of men

A batch of law students from various national law universities have written to Chief Justice of India Ramana requesting a revisit of provisions under Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code, 1860, in view of the increasing male suicide rate.

The letter sought to bring it to the notice of the Supreme Court of India of the misuse of Section 498A.
It comprehended that women’s suicide has been reduced by 2 percent in the present times whereas the suicide of males has been increased by 48 percent i.e., to speak of a number; India loses a son to suicide every 5.38 minutes or that more than 11 sons are forced to commit suicide every hour as against about 4 female suicides every hour.

The Indian judicial system has been taken to recognize the cruelty against men in matrimonial discord, however, it has been noticed that no sound remedies have been procured wherein the husband doesn’t wish to seek divorce or had any deterrent effect for instances, in cases like ANITA GAUR vs. RAJESH GAUR, and Joydeep Majumdar vs. Biurti Jaiswal Majumdar.

Letter strikes to highlight in the context of the pitfall of Section 498A which is misused by the women at large by filing frivolous suits and concocting issues to fulfil their vendetta against the husband or his family.

The students have requested the Supreme Court of India to take suo motu cognizance of the matter by directing the Law Ministry to formulate law against men as the law must change with changing time and needs of the society.

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