Book ”Anomalies in Law and Justice” by former Supreme Court Judge Justice (retd) RV Raveendran, released

Chief Justice of India N V Ramana on Saturday released a book “Anomalies in Law and Justice” by former Supreme Court Judge Justice (retd) R V Raveendran, explaining in simple terms various deficiencies in the law which needs to be overcome.

Talking about the book anomalies in  law and justice in the panel discussion, the CJI said the book is an attempt to explain to the lay man that  the law and the legal system is still evolving and that it requires more critical thinking to resolve issues which have persisted in the system for a long time. This book  covers procedural as well as substantive law relating to civil  procedure, electoral reforms and the alternate dispute resolution mechanism.

He even praised Justice (retd) Raveendran and said he was “an amalgam of unwavering commitment to rule of law, strong belief in the independence of the judiciary, a deep sense of morality and scholarship par excellence.”

Chief Justice Ramana referred to Justice Raveendran’s rise to the top court from a humble background, with “no family pedigree in the profession”. The CJI is also a first-generation lawyer.

Chief Justice Ramana took a leaf from Justice Raveendran’s legacy in the Supreme Court.

On the book itself, the CJI said that Justice Raveendran has undertaken the challenge to explain deficiencies in law and the need to overcome the same so that the common man does not lose faith in the judiciary.

Infact, during the course of the panel discussion, the CJI expressed concern about the poor connectivity in rural, tribal, remote and hilly areas. He said this issue had figured prominently during his two-day conference with Chief Justices of High Courts. He said the “digital divide” was adversely impacting the pace of justice delivery. It has also deprived thousands of young lawyers of their livelihood.

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