Delhi HC: temporary restraining order against a co-op bank for harassing a SC employee

On a plea desiring curbing of a notification issued by the National Commission for Schedule Castes (NCSC) requesting the physical presence of the Board of Directors of the Delhi State Cooperative Bank without providing a chance to react in writing to the Commission’s questions, the Delhi High Court has issued a notification to the NCSC.

“The Commission is not to abuse people,” Justice Jasmeet Singh wrote in a single-judge bench. The Commission’s job is to go to the bottom of the problem, investigate, and make merit-based decisions. No one is disputing the Commission’s authority to investigate.”

According to the plea, the Commission proceeded with the hearings even though the complaint’s matter was under appeal.

The cause for the summons, according to the petition, was the Commission’s suo motu move addressing the inadequacy of Scheduled Caste reservation in the petitioner bank.

The issuing of the notification was argued to be in contravention of the Commission’s powers under Article 338 of the Constitution. The case has been postponed until July 30.

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