The Central government proposed amendments to the consumer protection (e-commerce) Rules, 2020 which recommended by a parliamentary panel headed by Member of parliament by Partap Singh Bajwa.

The new draft rules came out because of e-commerce giants such as Filpkart and Amazon are being investigated for alleged abuse of market dominance and give preferential treatment to sellers of indirect stakes.


This proposed changes aim to tighten the existing regulatory regime and make e-commerce companies more accountable.

1) Mandatory registration of e-commerce entities.
2) Disclosure regarding cross-selling of goods
3) Prohibition of mis-selling of goods
4) Ban on fraud flash sales.
5) Grievance Redressal Mechanism
6) Prevention of preferential treatment
7) Non-discrimination between imported and domestic goods.
8) Prevention of abuse of dominant position
9) Final liability to rest on the e-commerce platforms

These amendents shall ensure more accountability for e-commerce companies.

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