Delhi HC: Suo motu cognizance of photographs for breaking Covid guidelines

The Delhi High Court has taken Suo motu cognizance of street food vendors in market locations violating Covid-19 guidelines. The Central government, the Delhi government, and the Delhi Police Commissioner were all asked to respond by the bench of Justices Navin Chawla and Asha Menon.

“The impact of the second phase of Covid-19 has still not faded, with so many individuals having endured personal loss in same,” the bench said. In fact, scientists are predicting a third wave.

Such a violation of the Covid-19 Protocol will only exacerbate and perhaps precipitate the onset of Covid19’s third wave, which cannot be tolerated under any situations.”

When one of the Delhi High Court judges received images taken by an AIIMS doctor through WhatsApp that showed street vendors disregarding the Covid-19 guidelines, the decision was made.

While criticising the Covid 2nd wave’s memories, the court underlined a need for a more active presence of civil defence or security officials in-market locations, particularly weekly and hawker markets, as well as appropriate disinfection of public spaces, if not previously done.

The case will now be heard on July 9, 2021.

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