1,152 students move Supreme Court want compartment exam cancelled

As many as 1,152 students moves Supreme Court by filing a joint petition, seeking direction to the CBSE for cancellation of CBSE’s class 12th private compartment examination and demanded parity with regular students and to release the results in a time bound manner.

The petition filed through Advocate Manu Jaitley also seeks a direction to CBSE board to arrive at a formula for performance evaluation of Class 10 private/compartment/repeaters students in an expedited manner.

The petitioners submitted it keeping in view the safety, health, and well-being of all the private/compartment/repeaters candidates of Class 12 CBSE board examination 2021, their parents and family members, teaching faculty, and all stakeholders.

Petitioners said the CBSE had attempted to give an unequal treatment to private/patrachar/second chance compartment candidates of classes X and XII, thereby creating a classification that had no reasonableness, rationale and hence, “is prima facie, unfair, unjust, arbitrary, and unreasonable and violative of the principles of equality enshrined in Article 14 of the Constitution.”

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