Special NIA Court remanded fromer encounter specialist and two others till June 28

On Thursday, Pradeep Sharma, former encounter specialist and a Shiv Sena member, and two others were being remanded to the the National Investigation Agency(NIA) by a special NIA court, Mumbai.

It was done in a case regarding the bomb scare at Mukesh Ambani’s residence ‘Antilia’ and Mansukh Hiren murder case.

It was being argued by the NIA that Sharma was involved in the conspiracy to kill businessman Mansukh Hiren whose body was removed from Mumbai Creek on March 5, 2021, ten days after a car fully loaded with explosives found outside Antilia.

As per the theory of NIA, the murderer of Mansukh has named up the other accused and also dismissed Assistant Police Inspector, Sachin Waze and Sharma, after the murder of Mansukh on March 4,2021.

During the hearing, the special court Judge Prashant Sitre also questioned NIA that why there is being delay in arresting sharma, while other accused ( Waze&others) were being arrested in March.

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