Allahabad HC refused to entertain plea for disposal of dead bodies buried near Ganga says it’s not State’s responsibility

On Friday, the Allahabad High Court headed by the bench of Chief Justice Sanjay Yadav and Justice Prakash Padia refused to entertain the petition which sought disposal of dead bodies buried near river Ganga. The Court put forth the question whether it is State’s responsibility if there is death occurring in a family.

The petitioner had pleaded before the Court for direction to the state government to perform the rituals in accordance with religious rites and for disposal of bodies after death near Ganga River at different ghats and to restrict the burial of dead bodies near the River Ganga.

The bench questioned the Counsel on behalf of the petitioner as to what had the counsel done personally on the matter and how could he come before the High Court under Article 226? The Court asked the counsel as to how many bodies had he buried decently as a public-spirited person?

The Counsel argued that it is a state’s responsibility to perform cremation according to the particular religious rites of the dead and dispose them near Ganga to which the Court then asked why should the state be responsible for cremation?

The Court held that they won’t be allowing such a petition just for the sake of it. The court called the plea an absolutely bald relief being sought without any research on the matter. There are ample of practices being performed by various communities responsible for cremation. The subject thus requires a lot of research.

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