Madhya Pradesh: IAS officer’s chat on corruption leaked, got notice

Madhya Pradesh’s infielder Lokesh Kumar Janjid has made a recent headline. After IAS administration spoke to a private social media group about alleged corruption of weekly bureaucrats, the government notified Lokesh Kumar for obvious reasons.

Also, for personal reasons, Lokesh Jangid requested the Commissioner of the National Police Agency and the Director of Madhya Pradesh to send a delegation between executives for three years in Maharashtra on June 11th at Madhya Pradesh. He couldn’t tolerate corruption, so he was transferred many times. He claimed to have worked nine times for four and a half years.

The state government sent a notice to the authorities for the “discipline violation” and demanded his response within a week.

On Monday, Jangid wrote in his post that those who take money from all kinds of mafia, they get transferred from this area to that area. At the same time, people doing honest work are transferred and thrown in the secretariat. He wrote that the stability of tenure in MP and the institution called Civil Services Board is a joke. I will come out with a book after retirement and hopefully bring facts to the fore. Right now my hands are bound by the rules of conduct.

In the viral screen shot, Jangid has made allegations of corruption. At the same time, he has said that I was transferred (9 transfers in 54 months) because of being honest.

Meanwhile, the government has sent a notice to Azide from a strong standpoint on this issue.

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