Kumb Mela Fake Covid Tests : Uttarakhand  orders police case against Labs

The Uttarakhand Government has directed the Haridwar District Administration ( DC) to register a case against private laboratories that they have allegedly conducted tests during the Kumb Mela . Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims gathered in the City of Haridwar for a ritual bath in ganga river between April 1 to 30.

The state government’s spokesperson Subodh Uniyal said that the order has been issued to file a case against Labs from Delhi and Haryana , which conducted testing at five places in Haridwar during kumbh Mela.

On May 20, the Uttarakhand High Court criticised the State Government for failing to ensure compliance with the coronavirus protocol while holding religious events or gatherings.

Over 70 lakh devotees have participated in the religious gathering held in Haridwar. About 2,600 devotees had been estimated to Covid positive out of the nearly two lakh tests conducted by medical personnel during the religious gathering.

The violation of Covid-19 protocols at the gathering had attracted the media attention from across the world.

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