The Calcutta HC has ruled that a retired employee’s rightful perks cannot be taken away,

The Calcutta High Court has stated that all officials are supposed to act quickly and in compliance with the law, bearing in mind that a former employee’s rightful pension payments cannot be taken away.

The aforesaid statement was made by a single-judge panel led by Justice Shampa Sarkar while deciding on a petition resulting from the State’s failure to provide the petitioner Sanjit Kumar Dutta a pension as well as other retirement benefits.

On December 31, 2019, the Petitioner got retirement. On June 17, 2019, the school administration presented the paperwork to the District Inspector of Schools. Following receipt of the pension documents, the pension sanctioning authority raised many issues and asked the school to correct them.

The Petitioner claims that, notwithstanding the school authorities’ rectification of the faults, the pension sanctioning authorities remained tight-lipped about the situation and purposefully postponed the payment of retirement benefits to the Appellant.

After hearing both parties, the Bench concluded that there was no reason why Plaintiff’s pension, as well as other retirement plans, hasn’t been granted yet.

As a result, the Court dismissed the Petition with a directive to the pension sanctioning officials to award the Petitioner with a pension and other retirement benefits in line with rules in six weeks from the date of the decision.

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