PIL in Bombay HC seeks 50% reduction in school fees

On Tuesday, the Bombay High Court ordered Maharashtra government to answer to PIL requesing schools to collect only 50 percent of the annual fees for the academic year 2020-21.

The petitioner claimed that there was no change in the fees charged by the schools for the year 2020-21 regardless changing factors like the COVID pandemic.

Petitioners not denied the fact that schools may have incurred some costs for online class process but same would be less than cost incurred by parents for electronic devices, internet,etc.

Further it was added that school should not take fees for the offline activities.

The Court ordered that no student would be debarred from attending classes or examinations because of non-payment of the increased fees nor will their reports be restrained.

Still the Government have not constituted the Divisional Fee Regulatory Committee as well as school also fails to constitute the same.

Thereafter, the court was informed by the Government Pleader Geeta Shastri that a Divisional Fee Regulatory Committee was constituted by the State through a notification on June 7, 2021.

She was granted leave by the Court to place on record the information with regard to the functioning and address of this authority.

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