Allahabad HC : Guidelines for the functioning of subordinate courts and tribunals

The Allahabad High Court laid down guidelines for the functioning of subordinate courts and tribunals applicable from the 16th of July.

As per these guidelines, subordinate courts or tribunals can take up only urgent matters such as bail, release, remand, recording of statements and disposal of urgent criminal applications.

Subordinate courts and tribunals can also take up urgent matters regarding civil applications. Civil suits maybe decided at the local level and if it is suitable, then the issue can be heard.

The Court also laid down other general instructions which are as follows:

  1. There would not be more 10 judicial officers present.
  2. All cases, applications, orders, decisions and judgements should be uploaded on CIS.
  3. District court websites shall contain helpline numbers for assisting litigants and advocates.
  4. All services by paralegal volunteers are to be taken up by the District Legal Services Authority.
  5. For administering fresh applications in civil and criminal matters, there would be a Judicial Service Centre.
  6. A local mechanism maybe developed at the District Judge level to handle applications.
  7. District judges shall ensure minimum entry of staff in the court premises and should ensure that the Covid19 guidelines issued by the Government are being followed.
  8. When it is necessary to dispose, record or hear any matter, advocates, litigants or other persons shall be allowed in the premises only on the basis of prior permission.

The High Court mandated that these guidelines are to be followed until further notice.

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