Plea filed by 1984 riots convicts adjourned:Delhi HC

The plea,filed by a convict of Delhi sikh riot case of 1984, was adjourned for the hearing for the temporary suspension of the life sentence by the Delhi High Court.

The court observed that it is far better to keep him in jail rather than granting him bail on the ground of COVID-19.

The plea was being heard by the division bench of Justices Navin Chawla and Asha Menon.

The convict, Naresh Sherawat prayed to the court for the relief of the sentence granted to him in 2019 that his sentence should be suspended by two weeks, but the court had adjourned the hearing till July 5.

Justice Chawla said that,” Last year also you were granted interim suspension due to your medical condition… Now, your report says you are in medical ward and you have hardly spent one year. Even if we suspend the sentence for two weeks what will happen? It’s not like he’ll recover suddenly.”

Justice Chawla also added that,” what we will do is we will keep it on July 5, you try your luck with the regular court… Covid is equally there outside and equally there inside. You are better of inside.

Sherawat advocate also added that he is a kidney patient at his last stage with his lever damaged with over 90%, but nothing availed.

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