SCBA clarifies on elevation of Supreme Court lawyers to HC’s

Supreme Court Bar Association has on Sunday clarified that it’s letter to CJI for Elevation Of Supreme Court Lawyers to High Courts was intended only to get an equal opportunity for Supreme Court Lawyers to be considered for Elevation to High Courts.

SCBA President Senior Advocate Vikas Singh , clarified that he had no intention to cast any aspersion on Lawyers practising in High Courts, the statement was- Supreme Court lawyers are more meritorious than High Court Lawyers.

He has stated that the statement was made for limited purpose of their consideration by the High Court collegium on equal footing basis.

Further, it has been clarified that SCBA’s letter clearly stated that High Court Collegium may consider names provided to them along with lawyers from their respective Bars to choose the most deserving candidate without giving any preferential treatment to either Supreme Court or High Court lawyers.

SCBA had urged before the CJI that inspite of having vast experience and exposure in dealing with all kinds of issues relating to civil, criminal, constitutional, commercial law, etc., the lawyers practicing in the Supreme Court are rarely considered for elevation by the High Court Collegium as they do not regularly practice before the High Court and while being professionally more meritorious than their colleagues at the High Court, loose the opportunity for being considered.

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