Jharkhand: Minors Moved to Another Shelter Home After Complaints of Alleged Sexual Assault

Minor children from a state-registered shelter home run by an NGO in East Singhbhum district were relocated by the administration late Friday evening, while an investigation into allegations of sexual assault and torture of underage girls continues, an official said.

The children have been relocated to Jamshedpur’s Bal Kalyan Aashram, Gobarghausi, according to district social welfare officer (DSWO) Satya Thakur.

The DSWO announced on Thursday that 40 children in the government-registered MTWT, including 24 girls and 16 boys, all of whom are under the age of 18, with the exception of a girl and a boy both of whom are 20 years old, will be relocated to the Bal Kalyan home.

MTWT is said to have no ties to the Sisters of Charity, which were founded by Saint Teresa, also known as Mother Teresa before her canonization. Dr. M. Tamil Vanan, senior superintendent of police (SSP), East Singhbhum, stated that an investigation is underway in the case but that no arrests have been made thus far.

He also stated that the girls’ medical examination reports are awaited. Deputy commissioner, East Singhbhum, had said that an 11-member inquiry team is probing the matter.

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