Biden, Johnson sign amended Atlantic Charter at G7 summit

US President Joe Biden and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed a modified version of the Atlantic Charter on Thursday during the G7 conference in Cornwall, England.

The original Atlantic Charter was a post-war proclamation signed by former US President Franklin D. Roosevelt and former UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1941 following the Declaration of St James’ Palace, the first gathering of the Allied powers during World War II in London.

It detailed the objective of the partnership between the two nations following World War II.

The updated Atlantic Charter comprises eight pledges looking at common US-UK values and resolving present day concerns.

The first pledge is to safeguard democratic ideals, highlighting the need of rule of law and independent media. The clause also focuses at safeguarding “inherent dignity and human rights of all individuals.”

The second commitment attempts to strengthen international co-operations via means of rules and standards, modifying them to face issues posed by evolving technology. It generally focuses on encouraging economic progress and facilitating fair trade possibilities between nations.

The third commitment is to strengthen peaceful conflict settlement approaches for both nations.

The fourth commitment focuses at the aims of scientific innovation, claiming science and technology should be utilized to better and “foster sustainable global development,” producing jobs and new markets at the UK and US.

The governments have offered vaccine supplies to poorer countries to hasten the Covid-19 recovery process. Other subjects covered during the G7 Summit were Russia and the recent detention of Alexei Navalny.

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