Supreme Court rejects approval of loan moratorium orders in second wave of COVID

As the court cannot approve grant instructions, the Supreme Court ruled on Friday a car application for financial assistance in the form of a new loan moratorium, an extension of the restructuring plan period and the temporary suspension of the NPA statement by financial banks in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A host bank, comprised of Judges Ashok Bhushan and MR Shah, stated that it was up to the government to assess the situation and take appropriate decisions. Considered a PIL petition filed by Attorney Vishal Tiwari. The petitioner alleged that the second wave of the pandemic left at least 1 billion Indians unemployed.

When the court found that the Reserve Bank of India had announced certain financial packages under a May 5 circular, the petitioner replied that the problems of simple middle-class families were not being adequately addressed.

“That is all in the area of executive policy. We cannot decide financial matters,” said Judge Bhushan. “The government may have many urgent priorities. You have to spend money on vaccines, on migrants …Judge Shah added.

The court said the judges were not experts in economic policy. The court also found that in the Small-Scale Industrial Manufactures Association (Regd) judgment v. Union of India and related cases, the court extended the moratorium on loans, and the same principles apply to the present case.

“Financial exemptions and other measures are in the purview of the government and relate to political matters. We believe that no instructions can be given in this regard,” the court stated in the order “. We note that it is up to the Government of India to assess the situation and take appropriate decisions,” the court added in the order.

When the petitioner requested permission to lodge a complaint with the government, the court informed him that it had not “dismissed” the request, only “dismissed” it by stating that it was a matter for the government to take appropriate action seize decisions.

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