Madras HC issued a series of 75 guidelines for safeguarding ancient temples and historic sites.

The Madras High Court had issued a set of 75 instructions for the protection and conservation of heritage sites, quoting Albert Camus, who said, “Without cultural identity, and the relative freedom it indicates, society, even when flawless, is nothing more than a jungle.” This is why each genuine work is a gift to subsequent generations.”

“Historical and cultural treasures are falling into oblivion today,” Justices R. Mahadevan and P.D. Audikesavalu wrote for a division bench. The preservation of our priceless history is worsening, not as a result of natural disasters or catastrophes, but as a result of careless management.”

The bench issued the following directives:

  • Within 2 months, the state must form a heritage committee, and no physical modification or restoration of any historic or sacred site shall be done without the committee’s approval.

-Temple revenues must be used first and foremost for temple management.

-The ASI will perform a state-wide field assessment of antique temples over 100 years old to assess the damage, renovate the structure, and proclaim it a monument.

-The CAG audit will be conducted using ASI expertise to evaluate structural damage and determine the worth of the artefact that has been destroyed.

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