The bench of justices in Andhra Pradesh high court sought Central government response with regards to its allocation of AMPHOTERICIN B. The medicine is not sufficient to treat the patients of black fungus or Mucormycosis.

Further the bench requested the state government to start awarness campaigns and preventive measures to be taken to tackle black fungus.

The bench directed Union of India to file a status report by next hearing because of memo filed by Central government is not clear.

The Court went ahead to note the following questions with regards to the new black fungus

1) Whether it is medicallly prudent two vials of the said medicine on a daily basis to a patient?

2) If there is shortage in said medicine what are the other medications?

3) If patient is not administered the full dosage, is he exposed to progress of the disease?

4) Who should be given the full doses, even if it is denying to another patient, who may need the same, if so, what should be the basis for medical prioritization of the patients?

The court requests the state government consider creating more neonatal and pediatric wards. During course of hearing Amicus curiae pointed out ‘Multi System Inflammatory Syndrome ‘ in children, also called as MIS-N in neonatals which cause impairment of heart, lungs and kidneys.

The court further directed to utilize the services of the final year students of MBBS and nursing course.

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