Increment in number of Telangana HC judges by over 75%

The current maximum possible strength of judges in Telangana High Court increased by 75%, i.e. from 24 to 42, after it’s approval from the Central Government.

In this regard, a press note was released by the Ministry of Law and Justice. The proposal in this regard was submitted by the Chief Justice of Telangana High Court, and it got approved after CJI’s NV Ramana’s intervention.

It will be effective from 8th june, the date of its approval and issue of the press note. The 42 judges will include 32 permanent judges and 10 other temporary judges.

The proposal was sent to the Central Government about two years ago by then Chief Justice of Telangana HC and after which it was also endorsed by the Chief Minister and the Governer of the state, but now, after it being revived by the CJI, Ramanna, it got approved.

However, the strength of the Telangana HC is 24 but it is currently working with only 14 judges and 10 seats are lying vacant.

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