Holistic plan for general treatment of strays : Madras HC

The Madras High Court on Wednesday directed the Animal Husbandry department to vaccinate stray dogs and cats in the state.

Husbandry Department was also asked to chalk out a holistic plan for the general treatment of stray animals in the State providing for a scientific and humane approach even during normal times.

The first bench of Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee and Justice Senthilkumar Ramamoorthy also said, A comprehensive plan dealing with vaccinating stray dogs and cats, if necessary, or collaring them or the like should also be thought of in the best interest of both the animals and the human population that they come into contact with.

While passing further interim orders on the PIL petition from animal activist  VE  Shiva  praying  for  a  direction  to  the  State  government  to  feed  the  stray  animals,  which  are  starving due to the pandemic.

Recently, the department submitted a letter that said 2,500 kg of dog and 200 kg of cat feeds had been procured and a total of 500 feeders had been engaged to feed the stray and abandoned animals.
The letter also informed the Court that the second tranche of procurement is proposed to be made immediately and distributed once the earlier material has exhausted. The report spoke of 3,536 kg of wheat bran being distributed to feed 104 horses.

A sum of Rs.19.79 lakh is said to be available for stray and community animals. It was decided by the Committee constituted by this Court that Rs.7.9 lakh would be used for the Greater Chennai area and another Rs.11.87 lakh was required to be distributed to 14 other corporation areas.

However , the court adjourned the matter till June 14.

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