End-term examination to be mandatorily conducted by all law schools: Expert Committee formed by BCI

Expert Committee composed of BCI“The Committee also took note of the previous resolutions of the Indian Bar Association on May 27, 2020, September 6, 2020, May 10, 2020, and January 11, 2020, which stipulated examinations for all semesters and courses of study.

And it is unanimously decided that the university/law education center can freely decide the examination/examination method and examination for the Ph.D. and the Bachelor of Laws. Law students from all over the country complain about taking the examination during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This happened after BCI decided not to publish its own intermediate or final semester exam guidelines. Judge Govind Mathur, former President of the Allahabad Supreme Court, chaired the committee, which also included Professors (Dr. Bhopal; Professor (Ph.D.) Vijender Kumar, Provost of Nagpur National University of Law; Professor (Ph.D.), Provost , National School of Bangalore, Doctor of Laws, Indian University and OP Jindal, Vice President of Global University Professor S. Raj Kumar (Dr) S. Raj Kumar advised BCI on examination and funding issues.

In the face of the pandemic, most students asked for alternative assessment methods to be cancelled by teachers.

The early exams for the fourth semester have been written to the expert committee and requested a date-based assessment.

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