The Bombay HC has revoked Navneet Kaur Rana’s caste certificate and fined her Rs 2 lakhs

The caste certificate of Navneet Kaur Rana, an independent Lok Sabha MP representing Amravati, a designated Sc / st constituency, has been revoked by the Bombay High Court. She has also been fined Rs 2 lakh by the court.

Justice R.D. Dhanuka and Justice V.G. Bishth’s division bench ordered Rana to relinquish his caste certificate before six weeks. The court also directed her to submit to the Maharashtra Legal Services Authority the penalty she was charged in two weeks.

Former MP Anand Rao Adsul filed a complaint in the High Court over Rana, stating how she had submitted a fraudulent certificate. She got it approved falsely by Caste Scrutiny Panel by presenting falsified and counterfeit papers in order to meet the nominating qualification requirement.

Rana competed against Adsul in Amravati and succeeded. She ran for office in 2014 on the NCP ticket but was defeated. In 2019, she ran as an independent and won the election, allowing her to enter the Lok Sabha. Ravi Rana, her husband, is a Maharashtra legislator.

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