Opposition Parties Say Their Pressure, Supreme Court Intervention Forced Centre To Change Vaccine Policy

Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s partial rollback of his government’s vaccine policy on Monday, opposition parties credited themselves and Supreme Court directives for successfully forcing the Centre to provide free vaccination to all adults.

Modi stated that the Centre will provide free coronavirus vaccines to states and union territories beginning June 21 for vaccination of all people over the age of 18. It will buy 75 percent of vaccines from manufacturers, including 25 percent of the state quota, and distribute them for free to state governments. Private sector hospitals may continue to obtain the remaining 25%, but they may not charge more than Rs 150 per dose above the pre-set price.

The Congress congratulated the Supreme Court’s intervention after the top court called the Centre’s decision to charge those between the ages of 18 and 44 while providing vaccines free of charge to those over the age of 45 arbitrary and irrational.

“The government changed its vaccination policy after being mocked by the Supreme Court” congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala claimed.

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