Munger Firing Incident : Supreme Court

The Supreme Court on Friday refused to interfere with Patna High Court order directing payment of Rs 10 lakh compensation to father of a 18-year-old boy, who was allegedly killed in a police firing incident in Munger district of Bihar last year.

The Patna High Court in its order dated April 7, 2021, had directed the State Govt to pay 10 lac as compensation to father of deceased who has remained in mental pains on account of death of his young boy.

The boy was shot on October 26, last year during clashes between police and mob going to do immersion of idols of goddess Durga after which he was brought to the hospital, where he succumbed to the injury.

A two-judge bench of Justices Indira Banerjee and MR Shah today while dealing with the petition has noted “we found no ground to interfere with the judgment and order impugned in exercise of power under Article 136 of the Constitution of India.” “The special leave petition is, accordingly, dismissed,” said the Court. 

It added, “whether son of the petitioner died as a result of firing by police or by any miscreants from the mob would not be relevant for the simple reason that in any case the State had failed to protect the life of the son of the petitioner who was a spectator in the procession of Maa Durga Idole Immersion.” 

Thus, it had directed the State to pay a sum of Rs. 10 laks towards Petitioner’s mental pains and sufferings. It also left open for the Petitioner to claim further compensation under private law remedy against the wrongdoer.
The Court had also list the matter for hearing after four weeks with the report of the CID. 

The Bench said that besides monitoring the investigation, the high court is also looking into the role of police officials in the matter.

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