Supreme Court dismissed the plea to suspend the sentence for medicial treatment to Asaram Bapu

A please was filled by Asaram aged 83 who is presently in a custody in sexual assault case in Central Jial. Jodhpur and also facing trial in another case at Gujarat involving the offence under Section 376 IPC.

Asaram got infected by corona- virus while suffering Life imprisonment and in the interveneing period he also developed internal gastrointestinal bleeding and as a measure to provide treatment, he was shifted to the M.D.M. Hospital, Jodhpur, and was later on shifted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Jodhpur.

Rajasthan High Court issue orders for temporary suspension of sentences to pursue medical treatment. But Supreme Court on Friday issued notice to dismiss this plea

The Court also rejected the prayer to set up a medical facility at his Ashram in Pal Village, Jodhpur so as to provide him treatment, while noting that whenever he had been taken out from prison even for attending the dates of hearing during the trial, his followers would form huge congregations which would create law and order situations.

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