In Assam, the NHRC will hear an allegation about a doctor and other employees being assaulted

The recent thrashing of a doctor, nurses, and ward boys by a crowd in Hojai, Assam, following the death of a Covid-19 patient has been taken as a serious violation of human rights, according to Advocate on Record Sneha Kalita, who has taken the case to NHRC and its new chief, Justice (Retd) Arun Mishra.

Udali Model Hospital was the scene of the accident. After the patient’s death in the medical facility, the family of the dead brutalized doctors, nurses, and ward boys, who were publicly beaten.

Kalita’s complaint asks the NHRC to investigate the incident and bring the perpetrators to justice for the brutal assault on frontline health workers who’ve been working very hard in difficult circumstances to care for the public’s health.

The complainant’s request is that the perpetrators be prosecuted under section 14(1) of the Human Rights Act, and that all stakeholders in the Assam be summoned, particularly the police officers in command of the Udali Model Hospital, who’ve been allegedly accountable for ensuring security.

The complaint demands that frontline healthcare personnel be adequately protected, and even asks the NHRC to assign police protection in each and every hospital and Covid care center to ensure that such crimes do not occur again.

The NHRC quickly took notice and given directives across India, directing that a copy of the allegation be forwarded to the Secretary, Ministry of Health, Government of India, that it can make the necessary changes to safeguard the interests of the country’s frontline medical personnel.

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