Gautam Gambhir Foundation Guilty of ‘Unauthorised’ Distribution of COVID Meds: Drug Controller

The Gautam Gambhir Foundation has been found guilty of illegally stocking, procuring, and distributing Fabiflu medicine and oxygen to COVID-19 patients, the Delhi government’s drug controller informed the Delhi high court on Thursday.

According to the Indian Express, the controller stated in its report to the court, “By doing so, M/S Gautam Gambhir Foundation has contravened the provisions of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 & Rules thereunder and thus committed an offence which is prosecutable/punishable under Section 27 (b) (iii) and 27 (d) of the said Act.”

Previously, the court had chastised the drug controller for giving Gambhir a clean chit without conducting a proper investigation. “If your Drug Controller is unwilling to do the job, we will request that he be removed and someone else take over. What kind of investigation? This is garbage. The court stated last week that there is no legal basis for it.

he court ordered the drug controller to file status reports on further progress in these cases within six weeks, and scheduled a hearing for July 29.

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