The Delhi HC has issued an order on a request for financial assistance for leprosy patients

The Delhi High Court has given notice in a petition filed by leprosy sufferers seeking directions to the Delhi Government and the District Magistrate of South East Delhi for the disbursement of financial support due for sufferers under the RCL program.

In giving the order, Justice Rekha Palli instructed the defendants to investigate the petitioner’s complaint as soon as possible. Due to leprosy, Satya Jeevan Leprosy Camp people in Karnataka were shamed, ostracised, and ejected from their community.

Following that, they moved to Delhi and resided in Sriniwaspuri in 1985. It was finally acknowledged as a Satya Jeevan Leprosy Camp in 1990. Its inhabitants are largely homeless, domestic servants, and field laborers who are poor and have also lost their jobs & spent all cash during the lockdown.

According to the appeal, those living with leprosy face further stigma as a result of the disease’s impairment, which includes refusal of access to health care, schooling, and employment opportunities.

Advocates Imsori Amri and Osbert Khaling presented the current appeal in the High Court of Delhi, requesting that the Rehab Facility for Leprosy Affected Persons Scheme, 1981, be properly implemented and that the financial support of Rs 3000 per month is deposited regularly. The case has been rescheduled for a hearing on August 9th.

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