Delhi High Court reserves order on Juhi Chawla’s suit against implementation of 5G, calls it a media publicity suit

On Wednesday, the Delhi High Court reserved its order on application filed in Juhi Chawla’s suit against implementation of 5G telecommunication service in the Nation. The application filed by the plaintiffs was for the purpose of exemption from any court fees and to seek permission for institution of suit.

During hearing the Court pointed out the nature of the plaint as “defective plaint” for the reason of not filing it in the manners prescribed in CPC and further said that it merely appears to a media publicity suit while questioning Mr Khosla, Advocate on behalf of the plaintiff.

The Bench questioned the maintainability of the suit for the reasons of not following the due procedure. It asked for the verification of the suit as no civil suit can be instituted without verification.

It further questioned the joining of parties to the suit while asking as to how there were so many parties to the suit despite the clearly stated provisions of CPC. Justice Midha reserved the order after hearing.

Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla has moved to Delhi High Court with a plea seeking for restricting the implementation of 5G by the Union Government on the grounds of long-term and short-term harm that would be caused to the environment.

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