BCI Constitutes Expert Committee to Decide Evaluation Method for Law Students in Intermediate Semesters

The Indian Bar Association has formed a 12-person high-level expert committee to decide the assessment methodology of middle school law students amid the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic led by Judge Govind Mathur, former President of the Allahabad High Court, Coordinator of the Committee of Experts. “The prevailing opinion of the Indian Council of Lawyers this year has been to place this matter in the hands of the respective universities and allow them to make a decision that takes into account the convenience and the situation of the university and its students. ” Said BCI.

The decision will be made in the light of various requests from the Council of Law Students from across the country and specific requests from Prof. (Dr.) Vandana, Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. Ms. Vandana had asked the BCI if the agency had given general / specific instructions on this or if something was in the pipeline for the legal departments of Central Universities.

The BCI said it has chosen not to issue a guideline on conducting exams for law students in the intermediate or final semester because the guidelines it issued last year have been challenged in courts and some universities wanted to deviate from the guidelines and adopt a separate protocol for carrying out the review; However, based on the inquiries received by the BCI’s office, it has decided to set up a high-level body of prominent academics / vice-chancellors and ask to deliberate on this matter and propose an agreed modality for conducting exams / assessments and funding for law students in the middle semester.

The Delhi court has also taken note of this and has indicated that the Committee of Experts will submit its report to the BCI within one week, after which the BCI will make the final decision.

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