Delhi Government allows home delivery of liquor through websites and apps

The Delhi Government added legal provisions to allow the sale of liquor to the door-steps of customers through online modes such as websites and mobile applications.

This step was taken more than a month after liquor manufacturers asked the Aam Aadmi Party-led government to allow home delivery of alcoholic beverages as there was mass crowding at liquor stores.

The Delhi Excise (Amendment) Rules, 2021, notified that only a certain class of liquor sellers would be allowed to sell liquor both Indian and Foreign liquor to customers at their doorstep.

The provisions mention that only the certain category of license holders, which is the L-13 category, can deliver liquor to customers.
It was stated that the category of L-13 license holders were allowed to sell even earlier.

Further as per the new notification, liquor can be delivered by L-13 license holders to customers at their door step, only if they have ordered through the website or the app.

It was also mentioned that liquor would not be delivered to hostels, offices and other institutions.

Though the Government has not given an official statement, the initiative has already been criticised by the spokesperson of BJP Harish Khurana, who stated that the Government has its “priorities misplaced”.

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