HC can review its own judgement being a court of record: Kerala HC

The Kerala High Court has stated that these High Courts being a Court of record can review its own judgemwnt. it is inherited in Article 215 and Article 226 that they have the jurisdiction to recall their own judgements as they are the superior Courts of Records.

There was a dispute regarding land tax payment in which the Appelant who was the original writing petitioner received judgment in their favour.
The respondents then file a review petition before the single judge and the judge overturned the judgement because the appelant had support material facts of the case.

According to Article 226 of the Constitution High Court can issue directions, orders or writs in the nature of habeas corpus, mandamus, certiorari, prohibition, quo warranto etc. To any person including government. And according to Article 215 High Courts are A Court of record

The Court also agreed that review can allowed only when the appelant does not suppress material facts of the case .

The Court has also pertinently remarked that while approaching the Court one need to approach the Court with clean hands only then they can consider the appeal.

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