The petitioner, Lasya Kahli Singh self-declared her gender (from male to a female) on her application, she was issued New Aadhar Card and PAN Card with the required name and gender change. Similarly, the Petitioner applied for the change in name and gender in her passport, however, she was told that she was required to have a sex change certificate in hand by a surgeon in order to get her passport re-issued as female.

Further, she sent letters to 6 authorities at the Regional Passport Offices requesting for a change of name and gender in the passport and the issuance of a new passport.

She did not receive a response from the passport office and she knocked the doors of Delhi High court.

A Plea has been moved before the Delhi High Court challenging Passport Rules, 1980 to the extent that it makes it mandatory for a Transgender to obtain a sex change certificate so that one could be re-issued a passport recognizing one as a female.

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