18,040 oxygen concentrators and 7.7 million Remdesivir vials were sent to states as foreign aid

During the second wave of COVID-19 infection, the Union Health Ministry said on Saturday that 18,040 oxygen concentrators, 19,085 oxygen cylinders, and over 7.7 lakh remdesivir vials received as relief from abroad were delivered or shipped to states and Union Territories.

Since April 27, the Indian government has begun receiving COVID-19 help in the shape of medical supplies and equipment from other countries and organisations. It stated that these are being despatched and distributed to the states and UTs as soon as possible.

From April 27 to May 28, a total of 18,040 oxygen concentrators, 19,085 oxygen cylinders, 19 oxygen production plants, 15,256 ventilators and BiPAP, 7.7 lakh remdesivir vials, and roughly 12 lakh favipiravir tablets were delivered and shipped by road and air.

20 oxygen concentrators, five oxygen concentrator plants, 680 oxygen cylinders, 50,000 tocilizumab, 20,000 Baricitinib, 50 ventilators, Bi-PAP, and CPAP were among the major consignments received on May 26 and 28 from Turkey, Indian Business Association (Taiwan), Roche (Switzerland), and Eli Lily.

According to the ministry, this also includes 680 oxygen cylinders supplied from Turkey that have been detained in a warehouse due to compliance difficulties.

The ministry noted that effective quick allocation and streamlined delivery to recipient states, UTs, and institutions is an ongoing exercise that it is closely monitoring on a regular basis. The Union Health Ministry has established a special unit to oversee the receipt and distribution of foreign Covid relief material as part of international cooperation in the form of grants, help, and contributions.

This cell has been operational since April 26. Since May 2, the Health Ministry has developed and implemented a standard operating procedure for this.

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