Delhi HC seeks response from Centre w.r.t vaccination of children in 12-17 years age group

On friday, the Delhi HC issued notice in PIL seeking immediate vaccination of children falling in the age group of 12-17 years.PIL seeks a direction to prioritise the vaccination of those parents whose children are below 12 years of age.12-year-old Tia Gupta and one Roma Raheja who is the mother to an 8-year-old are petitioners before the Court.

Petitioners claimed that it was necessary to formulate a vaccination policy for children in order to avoid making “things very different”.”Parents are passing away. They are becoming orphans..

Except for being kept away from school, this age group is receiving no benefit..”It was further argued that the government authorities were under obligation to protect children from parents or guardians who might expose them to COVID-19 and death.

The petitioners also pointed that there was evidence that non-vaccinated children were more likely to develop a new, more powerful COVID-19 strains as was reflected in the second wave.The matter would be heard next on June 4.

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