Bombay High court directs maharashtra government to admit Stan swamy to private hospital for 15 days

The direction of the court has came after swamy agreed to bear the expenses To be admitted to Holy family hospital.In a speacial hearing held, bombay high court has directed maharashtra government to transfer octogenarian priest and Bhima koregaon accused father Stan swamy to private hospital in view of his deteriorating health.

A bench of justice SS Shinde and NR Borkar held that JJ government hospitals has all the facilities but due to Covid-19 pandemic it may not be possible to give proper attention to swamy.

The court also stated that swamy will bear the expenses of the treatment as was undertaken by his counsel during the course of hearing.

The hospital administration was directed to provide one attendant for swamy keeping in mind his age.

The court also permitted father frazer Mascarenhas who is a friend of swamy from Taloja prison to visit him in hospital subject to hospitals protocols.p

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