Movement in the corona period

Today (Wednesday), the farmers’ agitation against the three agricultural laws is being completed for six months. During this time, there were many ups and downs in the movement, its form and tone also changed, but this movement continued. 

The United Kisan Morcha has called for nationwide protests celebrating 26 May as Black Day. The country’s 12 major opposition parties have lent their support to this call. On the appeal of United Kisan Morcha, a large number of farmers from Punjab and Haryana have also traveled towards Delhi border. 

Apparently, the farmers’ organizations are in the mood to use this opportunity to revive their slowing movement. So, before the disastrous second wave of Corona ends, the second wave of peasant movement is going to start in the country? In what dreadful situation can an outbreak of infectious disease like corona, We have just seen this. Haven’t even recovered properly from that situation. 

The figures for the big cities are showing some improvement, but the situation in rural areas is not quite accurate. In such a situation, it is very dangerous for the group of farmers to gather on the border of Delhi or to protest in groups in different parts of the country.

The government should also initiate a closed process of dialogue with farmers so that a peaceful and sensible path can be found in this pending case. It is to be hoped that all concerned will understand the seriousness of the situation and introduce responsibility and will not do anything that will deepen the corona crisis in the country.

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