IT Ministry clarifies that it has no intention to violate right to privacy

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in a press release on Wednesday clarifies its intention and respect towards right to privacy and that the government does not intend to violate the same while requiring the disclosure of origin of messages on WhatsApp.

It states that such a disclosure of source of a particular message is only required in cases of Prevention, Punishment and Investigation of messages that threaten the sovereignty and Integrity of the Nation and in situation involving foreign relations, security of the State, public order and sexual offenses.

It further stated that the Government of India upholds the importance of “Right to Privacy” as a valuable fundamental right. Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister of Law and Justice has clarified that none of the proposed measures by India would impact the normal functioning of the WhatsApp application.

While commenting on whatapp’s last minute challenge to the rules despite being given sufficient time and opportunity after the rules were enacted, to the Intermediary Guideline, was considered an attempt to prevent the same from coming into effect.

As per WhatsApp, Traceability would force private companies to collect various personal data for which it has moved to Delhi High Court challenging the traceability clause alleging that it is violative of right to privacy.

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