“War-like situation; Judges, lawyers must act like soldiers, fight like they would on battlefield:” Chief Justice AS Oka

Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court, Justice Abhay Shreeniwas Oka recently said that Judges and lawyers should act like soldiers and should adopt to different stratergies according to the situation.

He said, “I feel there is a war-like situation on at the moment. Members of the judiciary must act like soldiers and adapt their strategies to combat Covid-19. I have told this to judicial officers and staff. Members of the Bar should also fight like they would on the battlefield. We have succeeded in the first wave, and we will be successful in the second wave too.”

This statement of Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court came out when he was attending a webinar organised by Advocates’ Association of Bangalore (AAB).

He also said that whether it is lockdown or not people will always look upto judiciary for justice. He also gave data on the number of judicial officers and advocates who succumbed to COVID-19 while expressing his regret.

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