Supreme Court directs States to provide dry ration and run community kitchens for migrant labourers

Case- In Re: Problems and Miseries of Migrant Labourers This suo motu order of the Supreme Court came after an application filed by Advocate Prashanth Bhushan on behalf of activists.

The application had highlighted the following issues:

1. Reduce in the number of community kitchens providing cooked food.

2. Restrictions on cash transfers to migrant workers.

3. The non-implementation of the Athma Nirbhar Scheme and failure of the States and Centre to provide dry ration to migrant labourers.On 13th May, the Supreme Court had directed the State to provide dry rations to migrants in the National Capital Region.

On Monday, it extended the responsibility to all the States.The Bench consisting of Justice Ashok Bhushan and Justice M.R Shah directed the States to provide dry ration to all migrant labourers, even with their ration cards.

The Bench directed the States to implement the Atma Nirbhar Scheme or any other alternative to provide ration. It also stated that the States should file an affidavit to communicate their policies.The Bench further stated that the States and Union Territories, should create community kitchens and provide meals at least 2 times a day, to migrant labourers who are unemployed.

The Bench also stated that there should be wide publicity of these schemes and it should provide benefits to all migrant labourers.Although the Bench stated that it is up to the states to decide policies for cash transfer and the court refused to take action regarding that issue.

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