Ramdev ‘Withdraws’ Statement on Allopathic Medicines After Criticism, Minister’s Letter

Under pressure from both the Union Health Minister and the Indian Medical Association (IMA), yoga guru and businessman Ramdev announced on Sunday night that he was “withdrawing” his statements criticising allopathic medicines. During the COVID-19 crisis, Ramdev reportedly stated that modern medicines are killing more people than the virus itself.

Union health minister Harsh Vardhan called Ramdev’s statement on allopathic medicines “extremely unfortunate” and asked him to withdraw it on Sunday, a day after the IMA demanded that the Centre take strict action against him for “misleading people by making unlearned” comments and referring to modern medicine as “stupid science.”

Vardhan asked Ramdev to withdraw his allopathy statement in a letter. “The statement is disrespectful to the corona warriors and hurts the country’s feelings. Your comments on allopathy have the potential to demoralise healthcare workers and weaken our fight against COVID-19,” he said.

Allopathic medicines, according to Vardhan, have saved the lives of crores of people, and claims that they are to blame for the deaths of lakhs are “extremely unfortunate.”

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