Vegetable seller’s death case: He was killed due to serious head injury, testimony of atrocities giving 13 injuries

The post-mortem report has now revealed that the vegetable vendor was beaten brutally by the police during the Corona curfew in Unnao. His death from a severe head injury (head injury) above the right ear has been confirmed. 

This injury can be caused by being hit by a stick or by the boot of a shoe.The 13 other injuries sustained on the back are testimony to the excesses of the police. After the late-night post-mortem, the body reached the house at dawn when it reached home.

 The dead body was cremated in the cemetery at 11 am in the presence of heavy police.Mohammed Faisal, an 18-year-old vegetable vendor from Bhatpuri, Bangarmau, was taken to the police station at Kotwali with the help of a soldier homeguard, who was watching the vegetable outside the house at 2 o’clock on Friday afternoon. 

After some time her condition deteriorated and was taken to CHC.There the doctor declared him dead. A crowd of thousands raged over the death of the vegetable seller, creating a ruckus at the Lucknow Road intersection. 

Faisal’s brother Sufiyan had beaten up the soldiers Vijay Chaudhary, Border and Home Guard Satyaprakash and filed a report of the murder.Both soldiers were suspended and sacked home guard Satyaprakash. After this, the jam was open at 11:15 pm. 

The post-mortem was done in the night between the panel of two doctors and videography. The accused are both soldiers and home guards absconding.

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