“Police have also got Oxygen Concentrators from me:” Navneet Kalra chokes up in court

Delhi metropolitan Court headed by Magistrate Vasundhra Azad dismissed the plea seeking police custody of Navneet Kalra, in the oxygen concentrators case.

Navneet Kalra was arrested on 16 May from Gurugram. There was living with his brother in law. A case was filed against him under the Sections 3 and 7 of the Essential Commodities Act, among other provision of law, against Kalra after the Delhi Police recovered oxygen concentrators from “Khan Chacha” and other restaurants owned by him. Thereafter he was sent to 3 days police custody.

The plea by Kalra for bail will be heard on May 25 at 11 am.

The police alleged that those contentrators were imported and were used for selling in Black market. After that Kalra was sent to 14 days judicial custody. Before this, Delhi High Court hasd also declined to grant any interim relief to Kalra in connection with the case.

Navneet kalra during the hearing said that, “he didn’t manufactured the concentrators, he only imported them so that he can distribute those with family, friends and relatives in need.” He also said that few of the concentrators have also been sent to police.

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