PIL filed for prioritising vaccination of journalists in the Apex Court

Considering media personnel as frontline workers and their duties in the current crisis a PIL has been filed before the Apex Court seeking directions to the Central and State Government for priority-based vaccinations against COVID-19 for journalists and their families.

The PIL filed by Advocate Vishal Tiwari has also sought directions to provide a compensation of ₹20 Lakhs to the family members of journalists that have lost their lives owing to their duties of media coverage in 2020 and 2021.

It was further added while citing the Maneka Gandhi case that the Court has earlier added a new dimension to the Article 21 which held that right to life is not a mere physical right but also includes the right to live with liberty and human dignity. Considering the current conditions, the situation has gotten worse for the frontline workers which has further jeopardized the essence of Article 21.

Many journalists have succumbed to death while providing us with essential news and media coverage and even now are at a risk. Journalists are also frontline workers but are not getting any priority to get vaccinated like other frontline workers. Since the situation is getting worse it gets important to realise the gravity of the issue.

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