Black fungus is spreading rapidly in the country, 31 deaths so far in Madhya Pradesh

The situation in Madhya Pradesh has become uncontrollable after the maximum number of cases of black fungus were found in the worst affected Maharashtra by Corona. 

So far, 573 cases of black fungus have been reported in the state. Not getting the injection used in treatment has become more difficult. There have been more than 2,000 cases of black fungus in Maharashtra and 52 deaths so far.

Amphotericin-B injection crisis deepened as the cases increased,Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan formed a task force in the wake  of the terrible situation of black fungus in the midst of the epidemic. 

The task force will work to provide treatment for black fungus in the state as well as to prevent black marketing of the amphotericin-B injection used in the treatment.The government will provide injections to government and private hospitals as per the requirement. On the other hand, 90 people have died due to fungus in Maharashtra so far.

177 of black fungus have been reported in Haryana. 10 have died in various districts. The government declared black fungus as a notified disease on 15 May in view of increasing cases. Along with this, training of doctors has also started. 20 medical beds have also been reserved in 4 medical colleges.

Delhi: 300 cases
of black fungus are increasing rapidly in Delhi in a week . In the last one week, about 300 patients have been found. AIIMS has 80 patients. Everyday at least 20 patients are appearing in AIIMS Delhi. There is a huge shortage of amphotericin-B injection in the state. 

More than 100 patients are admitted in Gurugram hospitals. 18 patients have been found in Faridabad. There are 14 patients admitted in Gautam Buddha Nagar.

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