Plea filed before Rajasthan HC seeking live streaming of all cases relating to COVID-19 situation in the state

The petition filed on the basis of judgment given by Supreme Court in Swapnil Tripathi v Supreme Court of India where the court had allowed the petition seeking live streaming of court proceedings on the ground that public is entitled to be privy to court hearings which have an impact on society at large under Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution.

Further its was submitted that live streaming of proceedings will help to strengthen the accountability of judicial institutions and those who participate in the judicial process.

The petition filed stress on the point that in the amid of these lockdown restrictions live streaming is the only way in which an ordinary citizen can witness court proceedings, especially w.r.t the steps being taken by the State of Rajasthan in regard to the matters related to COVID-19.

Therefore, the petitioner requested for an immediate action plan to be arranged with appropriate directions to the Registry to provide that the general public has access to live proceedings in COVID related cases.

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